Stewardship letter from Father

January, 2012

Dear Parishioners,

Blessings to you in this New Year of our Lord! I’m including this letter in our monthly envelope packet as another way to convey an important message to you about our parish plan for 2013. Enclosed is a pamphlet called “Understanding Stewardship.” Please read it carefully and reflect on what message resonates with you. We will pray the prayer in the pamphlet at every Mass this year.

Certainly true Christian stewardship – gifts of time, talent and treasure – is well ingrained in our lives here at St. Joseph. This is most evident in our parish neighborhood outreach efforts through the St. Vincent dePaul ministry. I’ve heard from many of you how this ministry has turned hearts to Christ, and you’ve wondered how we can do more.

As we grow together in our understanding of stewardship this coming year, we will concentrate on our generosity with our God-given abilities and our finances. You might remember there was a question on the recently completed survey asking “What Can St. Joseph’s do in the near future to best serve the community?”. The overwhelming parishioner response (82% of you) was to build a community outreach center!

I’m pleased to tell you that St. Joseph’s will build and staff such a facility. The outreach center will house our growing St. Vincent dePaul ministry’s storerooms and offices, and allow us to better provide meal and clothing for the underprivileged we are called to serve. We would like to begin construction early in August with completion in late October before the bad weather sets in. However, we cannot afford to accomplish this task without you.

With that goal in mind, we will conduct, after Easter, an increased offertory program, asking each family to pray and consider contributing more to God through our Parish in the offertory. We are confident the parish response will get us where we need to be financially to make the outreach center dream a reality. In fact, we’ve included a card in this packet about our new online giving program, in case some of you would like to begin contributing electronically, and perhaps start your increased gifts now.

In September, you will be asked to pledge the time and talent you will give in order to love and serve the Lord, each other, and the poor in our neighborhoods. As the enclosed pamphlet says, “Stewardship is not a gift we give to God, but rather a gift God gives to us.” Stewardship is what built the Church, and will indeed build our Community Outreach Center.

I look forward to this year and all we will accomplish together for the glory of our Lord!

In Christ’s name,

Fr. Bill Presider 


St Joseph Parish
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